East Village: Snowdays


The heat wave has come and there’s really only one thing to do: go to Snowdays and get the yeti-sized container (the above is only a large) and sit in an air-conditioned space to inhale this cold snow-like deliciousness. You can pick from 5 combos or customize your shaved ice by choosing 1 of 6 shaved ice flavors, over 20 toppings (including different fruits, Pocky sticks, Oreos, and Nilla wafers), and 6 sauces to drizzle all over.

Above: green tea shaved ice (fluffiest fluff ever) drizzled with condensed milk, strawberry, mango, chocolate chips, grassy jelly, and mochi. I seriously inhaled this in minutes.


Why are you still reading this? Stop reading and head over to 1st and 10th. You also get to look at a cute yeti (no lemon snow cones at this place though) while indulging in the best summer treat.

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