Forest Hills: Eddie’s Sweet Shop


Eddie’s Sweet Shop is the ultimate old school ice cream parlor. Once you walk in and see all the candy, you’ll feel like you’re in a #throwbackthursday with your favorite childhood sweets (Hello, Now and Laters and watermelon-shaped lollipops). The line of counter stools and mosaic floor tiles really does make it feel like a blast from the past; by the way, Eddie’s has been around for over a century. And there’s a reason why it’s still so popular.


The Orange Freeze comes with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and orange Sherbet. It’s so THICK, I love it. Orange Creamsicle Dreams.

Also, we got this in a to-go cup in fear we wouldn’t finish all this thickness in addition to our ice cream. The actual serving size is smaller, but our server was feeling really generous–a nod to the service here.


And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. ICE CREAM. The Banana Split only comes with two scoops of ice cream, but the Banana Royal comes with three. Naturally, we chose the latter. There are 20+ ice cream flavors to choose from, so this is no easy task. We settled on mint chip (my favorite), pistachio pineapple (E’s choice), and chocolate (which we both love).

Oh, they also make all their ice cream in-house as well as the fluffiest whipped cream in the world. I saw giant bowls after bowls of freshly whipped cream come out of the kitchen. I had to resist not asking for an entire mound to take home.


Besides the whipped cream, the three enormous mountains of joy come with nuts, sprinkles, sliced bananas, a cherry, and syrup. And guess what? There are 10 syrup choices. Yup! From coffee to root beer to lime to classic favorites like chocolate and strawberry.

Ice cream verdict: the mint chip was INCREDIBLE. I’m usually a slow eater, but I devoured this pretty fast. I’m a huge fan of all the new ice cream places that have popped up all over NYC with experimental, bold flavors, but nothing beats classic flavors and a classic sundae. E loved his pistachio pineapple, but I wasn’t a fan. The chocolate was divine although the next time I’m back, I’m heading for the mint chip and two new flavors.


A close-up of the messy goodness. There’s a reason why this is served on a giant platter. Don’t worry, we didn’t let all that hot fudge drip off. The platter came with a basin of hot fudge that made every spoonful of ice cream chocolate heaven.


I’m both proud and (only slightly) ashamed to tell you that it didn’t take long for this to happen. Get those napkins ready, people.

Thank god Eddie’s is a small trek from the Forest Hills subway station. Walk it off and then come back for more. I mean, there are 20+ ice cream flavors, 10 syrup flavors, 9 topping choices, plus pies during the holiday season.

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