IMG_4571Welcome to Nom With Me!

This space is dedicated to great food and all the restaurants, chefs, and staffs that make the food and experience wonderful. For me, food isn’t just a huge part of my life, but a huge part of who I am. I don’t eat just to eat. I eat for happiness because that’s what it brings me, for great company because goodness should be shared, and for paying homage to parents who taught me a love for food through their love.

I’m constantly in search of good food, taking lots of photos of sexy food, and then consuming everything I can. I welcome you to follow me through my eats since it shapes so much of my experience. Whether I’m at home in New York City or traveling, I’ll be documenting my life through food.

If there’s a place you love and think should be featured here, let me know. If the food is that good, I’ll definitely make the trek to wherever it is to document its deliciousness.

Hope you enjoy noming with me.

– Jenn

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