Astoria: Queens Comfort


Listen, the service here is phenomenal. As usual, most brunch places don’t take reservations, so we waited almost 45 minutes outside in the cold. But these 45 minutes flew by. And it was because of the staff here. Jokes, laughs, and FREE food. Yup, this awesome dude came out with a plate of fries smothered with gravy, thanked everyone for patiently waiting, and started passing it around. Plus, QUEENS GET THE MONEY.


Disco tots: tater tots smothered in cheese and gravy (it was hiding on the bottom) and the atomic fireballs: deep fried mac & cheese balls served with Sriracha and ranch dressing.


A close-up of the atomic fireball for your viewing pleasure. Mac & cheese STUFFED.


There are quite a few benedict choices here and for me, a great benedict is a good measure of a brunch place. Queens Comfort did not disappoint. My ‘American Hardcore Benedict’ had pecan crusted bacon and poached eggs on top of buttermilk biscuits with hollandaise sauce and hot honey.


Chicken & waffles with a maple tabasco glaze (yup!) and powdered sugar.

By the way, the decor here is wild–it’s like a toy museum with a blast from the past. You’ll see action figures from classics like Ghostbusters to the Gremlins to all your favorite cereal mascots. Again, I can’t talk enough about the service here. The servers were all dancing their ways to the tables and we got our coffees on the house, too. Excellent food combined with excellent service. Can’t ask for anything else.

P.S. cash only so stop by the bank first.

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