Hong Kong: The Chairman


So, empty plates. I know, I know, what kind of food blogger takes photos after everything’s already been devoured? Except for an ironic one, one that’s jetlagged and voraciously hungry. Plus, the food was so amazing, I’m going ahead and writing a post despite not having much photographic content. I do have memories, that make me drool, nonetheless. So with that, I’m recommending ‘The Chairman’ if you’re in Hong Kong. It’s the best 3 course lunch you’ll have, with fantastic service, all for less than $30.

And besides having great company for this meal, 4 people meant getting to try so many more things. 4 people = 4 appetizers and 4 main courses, all of which I absolutely loved. Rattling them off below.


For appetizers, we ordered the crispy enoki mushroom, cherry tomatoes pickled in basil reduction with lemongrass pickled pear, slow cooked pork chin served with lightly pickled turnip, Sichuan style shredded pig’s ear and tripe salad with freshly sliced guava. Whew, that was a mouthful. I’d say everything was pretty shareable except for the cherry tomatoes. They were delicious, but one tomato each was hardly enough; the appetizer would be better for one.

Now onto the real stars of the show. And I say that knowing that I just said I loved all the appetizers. What I mean is, the main courses really blew me away. The small pinkish morsel above? That was the tea smoked duck with tamarind and dark sugar. The selfish part of me wanted to devour the entire dish alone; it was actually one of the best duck dishes I’ve ever eaten. We also had the pork belly slow cooked in preserved Chinese vegetables and dates, and the angled luffa stir fried with wagyu beef brisket. Both were great choices, plus I learned that I’m not a big fan of luffa, the vegetable, and that loofah, the sponge (which I am a fan of), comes from dried, matured luffa.


The prawns in ginger and shallots with rice vermicelli, the fourth and last main course. And the only photo I have of actual food that hasn’t been half consumed. I feel terrible about this, especially since the plating an The Chairman is gorgeous, but you’ll just have to go yourself and take photos of all the beauty. You’ll see how hard it is to resist.

*Special thanks to Linh and Ryan Carpenter for an awesome meal and even better company, especially on that drizzly Hong Kong day.

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