Garment District: Best Bagel


Like most New Yorkers, I absolutely LOVE bagels. Maybe it’s because almost every NY deli has it on the menu and during my high school years, I’d often buy one for breakfast or lunch. Although I love breakfast bagels (hello, bacon, my love), my absolute favorite (and what you’ll find me ordering here 99% of the time) is lox. They really don’t skimp on ingredients here. Do you see the amount of lox packed in there? NOM.


I get mine on a plain bagel with lettuce, tomato, capers, and plain cream cheese. It usually comes with onions and you can get it on any bagel you want or whatever cream cheese your heart desires that day.


Lox close-up. The place is tiny and if you’re heading here for breakfast or lunch, the line might even be out the door. But not only is this place worth the wait, the line moves fast and the service is great.

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