Beijing: U-Town Mall


I’ve never actually shopped in U-Town Mall since nothing was particularly appealing, but I have eaten many meals here. The food court is huge and there are restaurants on multiple levels. I’ve never had bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, with pork belly before, but it was delicious. What’s not to love? Pork belly with veggies on top of a bed of warm crispy rice. I pretty much inhaled this. I was told it was one of the most popular dishes at this Korean restaurant on the ground floor.


The pho options were pretty diverse although I settled on beef broth pho, the most common pho option.


Udon noodles with shrimp tempura.


Thai green curry with pork.


And finally, my favorite restaurant in the mall (on the top floor), 西贝莜面村, has delicious handmade noodles and meat skewers. While waiting (because there will be a wait), you can check out how the noodles are made through a giant glass window. I love the cups at the end of the sticks keeping the noodles balanced. Badass.

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