Beijing: Duck de Chine


Apologies in advance for the one photo. I absolutely love Peking duck and couldn’t resist once the order came. Duck de Chine (全鸭季) isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. The decor is fancy schmancy so you can eat with your pinky out and whatnot (look at the cute duck dishes and chopsticks rests!), but the duck here is superbly done. The skin is crispy, the meat juicy, and accompanied by a homemade sauce that includes peanut sauce, which explains the beige swirls.

If you have time afterwards, check out the restaurant’s surroundings since Duck de Chine is built around a traditional Chinese courtyard. And p.s. I forgot to mention: the decor is ALL duck. Besides the dishware, there were paintings of ducks hanging on the walls and a couple of duck statues as well. It was slightly weird to be admiring the beautiful creatures while also noming them. Duck decor to the max.

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