LA: Seasalt Fish Grill


Seasalt Fish Grill came highly recommended, so I couldn’t wait to head here after visiting the Santa Monica Pier (there’s also a location in downtown LA). I absolutely love fish tacos so went straight for the ‘Classic Fish Tacos.’ When our orders arrived, I only saw the cabbage and tomatoes on top, and assumed that it was all toppings and little fish. Luckily, I was wrong. The fish portion was very generous and the breading was light and crunchy, while the meat inside was tender and moist. I ingested this pretty quickly.


All the taco orders are served with pinto beans and rice. They weren’t spectacular, but it went nicely with the tacos.


The BEST thing here though is the poke. And you cannot come here and not get a nice heaping order of fresh ahi tuna, especially for only $9. The ‘Hawaiian Ahi Poke’ is marinated in a sesame soy dressing and garnished lightly with sesame seeds and avocado. It sits on a bed of lettuce also marinated in the dressing, so of course we ate all of the delicious lettuce, too.  It was wonderful to be at a place with not only great service, but where they pride themselves in the freshness of their seafood.

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