Elmhurst: JoJu


With 17 bánh mì choices here, you’re going to have a hard time choosing just one. Despite having delicious options like beef bulgogi and lemongrass chicken, I can’t help but order the classic every time. The ‘Classic’ comes with Vietnamese ham, headcheese, and pâté. It’s simple, but that’s what makes it so good. I like to add a runny egg to all my bánh mì orders for an extra $1, so for a total of 6 bucks, you get a pretty hefty and delicious meal (above photo is only half of the bánh mì).


My boyfriend loves pork belly and at Joju they have quite a few pork options. His favorites are the ‘Kakuni Pork Belly’ and the ‘Belly Dance.’ The former (pictured above) is packed with slow-braised pork belly and the latter is similar, but comes with a spicy green sauce. All the sandwiches are beautifully (and deliciously) decorated with pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, and cilantro.


Okay, despite Joju being a bánh mì place, I have to say: the fries here are my absolute favorite thing on the menu. First off, they’re fries. Who doesn’t love fries? Second, I’ve never had fries like this anywhere else. The ‘Joju Bánh Mì Fries’ is topped with a special house sauce, spicy green sauce, spicy mayo, and pickled veggies, and jalapenos. I know it sounds spicy, but it’s just a small kick. Getting this is a must when you come here.


I fell in love with the ‘Joju Bánh Mì Fries’ so early on that I didn’t notice my true love until recently: ‘The Kimchi Fries’ (or pictured above, ‘Loaded Kimchi Fries’ since we got it with an egg) is similar to the regular fries but packed with kimchi. Do you see this amazingness here?


Obligatory close-up of the runny egg all over the kimchi and fries.


Maybe come with another person or two? That way, you can try even more things on the menu because the wings here are delicious. It’s well-seasoned and I actually really like the thick crispy skin.


Despite the skin being so crispy, the meat inside is incredibly juicy.


My favorite wings (there are two options here) are the soy-garlic. You can get an order of 2 or an order of 8.


Our usual order: Sandwiches. Fries. Thai iced teas with bubbles. Happiness.

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