Hell’s Kitchen: Sergimmo Salumeria


When you’re craving good sandwiches, this is the place to be. My second favorite sandwich is the ‘Lombardia’ which has grilled chicken, fresh mozz, tomato, lettuce, and pesto. Check out that juicy meat and that thick cut mozz.


The sandwiches are served on cute mini boards if you dine in, and here, my all-time favorite sandwich that makes me salivate just thinking about it: the ‘Emilia Romagnia’ is packed with a thick layer of PROSCIUTTO (if I’m lying on the beach, I don’t want to be fed grapes, I want to be fed pieces of prosciutto), fresh mozz, pesto, and lettuce. NOM NOM NOM.


And if you’re not feeling a sandwich, the salads here are nomlicious. Huge portions and fresh ingredients. My favorite is the chicken salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, lemon dressing, and balsamic.


And after all that, don’t forget about dessert. Nutella spread over warm bread and topped with powdered sugar. By the way, the employees here are super friendly, so it’s always nice to drop by, especially if you’re having a busy day.

Tip: make sure to check the special’s menu that changes daily. The chicken soup is made fresh and goes so well with the sandwiches.

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