Elmhurst: Lao Bei Fang


One of my favorite noodles at Lao Bei Fang is the ‘Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup.’ It’s only $5.50 and packed with a ton of noodles and meat. The noodles are also all hand-pulled. You can check it out yourself since the noodle making station is at the back of the restaurant, where you’ll see (and hear) the dough being kneaded and pulled.


Depending on the day (especially sweltering ones), this is the order I usually go for since it’s soup-free. The pork sauteed noodles is only $5.75 and the portion is HUGE. I love the thick firm noodles and all the veggies and pork that come with it.


Meat and bean sauce noodles for under $5. Not sure where else you can find the same portion, quality, and price. Although they’re not known for their service (you pick up at the counter and bus your own table), the wait isn’t long and it’ll definitely hit the spot.


Although I normally love pan-fried dumplings more, the pork boiled dumplings here are fantastic. You get 8 for $2.75 and condiments such as vinegar, soy sauce, and a giant tub of hot sauce are readily available on most tables.


Similarly you can get 8 pan-fried pork dumplings for $2.75.


Close-up of the crispy goodness.

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