Elmhurst: Taste Good


It’s hard to argue with the name when I usually frequent this place at least once a week, if not more. Taste Good is a small Malaysian restaurant that has been serving some of the best Malaysian food NYC has to offer for as long as I can remember. The roti canai is one of my favorite starters. For $2.75, you get an ample serving of warm and flaky roti with rich and creamy curry.

Tip #1: Bring friends because there’s so much goodness to try here.

The Hainanese Chicken rice platter comes with a hefty serving of chicken at only $5.75. If you’re here with a bigger group, you can also order 1/4, half, or even a whole chicken.


For 1-3 people, this platter is a good size for sharing and also comes with Hainanese rice and chili sauce for dipping.


My favorite rice platter dish is the eggplant with garlic sauce. Just thinking of the saucy eggplant and minced pork all over white rice makes me drool.


Although I’m not a huge fan of nasi lemak, it is one of the most popular dishes in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It’s also considered the national dish of Malaysia. If you like anchovies, this dish might be up your alley. At Taste Good, the nasi lemak comes with chicken curry, anchovies, peanuts, a hard boiled egg, vegetables, and rice.


If you find yourself at Taste Good, do yourself a favor and order the seafood chow fun with gravy. I grew up eating this dish and absolutely love it. Today, my parents still periodically order it from Taste Good. It’s a huge portion of flat noodles and seafood swimming in egg gravy sauce.
IMG_5755 (1)

On chilly days when I’m craving a hot bowl of noodle soup, I often find myself ordering this: the curry beef tripe noodles. Although the menu is in both Chinese and English, the noodle options are in Chinese only. For an extra $1, instead of getting them with the standard yellow egg noodles, ask for the thick glass noodles. The combination is so much better; in Singapore, this is the standard with any laksa or noodle dish you order.


If you’re not feeling beef, you can order the chicken curry noodles, which also comes with giant pieces of potatoes. NOM.


The dish my boyfriend is always craving: Singapore kari laksa. The laksa here is the best I’ve had in NYC–you can really taste the coconut milk in the curry broth. Richness.

Standard affair whenever I come with my friend, Jen. As you can tell, if you love food and can really eat, we can probably be good friends. Oh, and:

Tip #2: Cash only

Tip #3: Get the iced coffee. Condensed milk heaven.

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