Beijing: Kaoyu


Kaoyu or Grilled Fish (烤鱼) is a dish from Chongqing, a city in Southwest China. Chongqing is the birth place of hot pot and the area is known for its strong bold flavors and spices. And this dish is no different. Ingredients include chili peppers, chili paste, and spicy oils. Since the fish is grilled, this prevents it from absorbing all the heat. Throw in various veggies like tofu, lotus root, and mushroom. Top it all off with peanuts and cilantro, and you’re all set.


One order is MASSIVE, so get a group together to enjoy this spicy deliciousness.

2 thoughts on “Beijing: Kaoyu

    1. Hugh, you’re so right! Thanks for supporting my blog and helping me out here; changes made! 🙂 Haha, I also love that you still remember Craycray! Are you in Beijing now?


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