Taipei: Smoothie House


Shaved ice (刨冰) is a popular dessert made of thin ice shavings with a fluffy snow-like quality and a gazillion toppings to choose from (fresh fruits, red beans, grass jelly, taro, mung beans… this could go on forever).

We ordered a mango shaved ice with strawberries, kiwi, mangoes, and topped with a giant scoop of mango ice cream and drizzled (copiously) with condensed milk. This is pretty much happiness in a large bowl, especially on those hot summer days. NOM.


Smoothie House (思慕昔) is a popular shaved ice chain in Taipei and packed when we arrived.

2 thoughts on “Taipei: Smoothie House

  1. Have you tried Ice Monster’s mango ice? (and there’s a ginger peach one I think…) If you do lemme know what you think!!!


  2. I heard all about the rivalry/drama between Smoothie House and Ice Monster but haven’t actually been lol. I’m hoping to head back to Taiwan for more than just a layover, so I’ll definitely have to go to compare! Which one do you like more?


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