Shanghai: Street Food


Asian Wheel Cakes (车轮饼) are a popular street food. We got custard and red bean, but you can find them filled with taro, peanut butter, and even nutella.


Shengjian bao (生煎包) are pan-fried buns filled with juicy pork. Unlike other baozi or buns, these are filled with soup, which makes them especially delicious.


Here is a close-up of two different soup-filled wonders. The round ones are the juicy pork buns (described above) and the long ones are pan-fried dumplings (鍋貼). Amazingly, these were also filled with soup, so definitely not your average dumplings.


One of the best things about being in China is consuming great food on sticks. And my all-time favorite is spicy lamb skewers (羊肉串). Grilled to perfection and as spicy as you like it.


Rice roll or rice ball (饭团 or 翻卷) is a common breakfast food that I grew up eating in Queens. You can pick and choose your fillings, but they are often filled with fried dough (油条), pickled vegetables (榨菜), and dried pork (肉松), and tightly wrapped with a layer of rice on the outside.


A close-up of the rice roll I had for breakfast on our last day in Shanghai.


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